About PGW

10570511_10152673262776057_3192532319491187780_nDr. Tamarrah Tarver is the Pretty Girl CEO. Tamarrah possesses a PhD in Christian Counseling, a Master’s degree in Psychology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Tamarrah is an alumni of both Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and Northwestern Theological Seminary. Tamarrah’s background in counseling prompted her to empower women from all over.

Women are the most  intricately and delicately created beings. Tamarrah through former counseling sessions, realized that there was a need for empowerment and self-esteem education for women. Subsequent to this, Tamarrah decided to create a business that focused on the whole girl: mind, body, and spirit. Tamarrah noticed the increase in low self esteem in women. Tamarrah wanted to be a conduit of change and a motivating force to empower and impact women all over the world to BECOME their best selves.

As the CEO of PGW, Tamarrah wants every girl to know that they possess a pretty diamond within. Every pretty girl was created to shine. Tamarrah is also an emerging voice. The gift of oration in Tamarrah’s life is undeniable. Tamarrah is a queen of all trades in her own right. When in her presence, it’s evident that she possesses greatness that is magnetic. Tamarrah is ecclectic, beautiful, and full of charisma. There is no limit to what she is capable of accomplishing. One of her main gifts is inspiring and motivating others to achieve their goals, as she is a humanitarian and philanthropist.