The Pretty Girl Tour

What does it mean to be pretty? From our perspective, pretty is a state of being. It embodies a woman who exudes grace, character, morale, and confidence. It supersedes physical aesthetics. Pretty is a state of being. In a society that glamorizes silicone inflated back sides and superficiality, while limiting the true essence of a woman, it is the goal of PGW to eliminate false ideologies and misconceptions about the expression of pretty. The goal of PGW is to empower women from a holistic model, inclusive of 7 key areas: mind, body, spirit, finances, sexuality, interpersonal relationships, and aesthetics. The female genome is faced with a plethora of life challenges inclusive of balancing finances, relationships, work, educational endeavors, amongst other issues. The Pretty Girl Experience will dissemenate prettiness information to assist each girl with ways to balance their lives from our holistic model. Each registrant will receive a pretty girl manual, pretty swag bag, accompanying materials and handouts, a chance to network with women from around the world, and a chance to win a trip to Cancun, Mexico. VIP registrants will receive preferred seating during each day of the event, a special gift in their swag bags, a free PGW gift, and a free 1 on 1 coaching session with Dr. Tamarrah Tarver.

Great News Girls! The Pretty Girl Experience is going on tour. We are getting ready to paint 7 cities PRETTY!!!! If you would like for PGW to come to your city, send an email via our booking page with your contact information.

​If you would like to bring the Pretty Girl Experience to your city, please complete the booking form.